Hello! I'm Gary and I am a textile designer and a papercutting artist. I live in a small village in south Buckinghamshire situated in the Chiltern Hills surrounded by lots of lovely countryside where I create my papercuts.

Having studied Textile Design and Surface Decoration while at university, I specialised in printmaking and the use of mixed media which led me to a love of using paper to create beautiful intricate unique papercuts. 

My work is all handmade, hand drawn and hand cut by me using a sheet of high quality 100% recycled card, a pencil and a very sharp scalpel knife.  

I do not use a computer or any form of laser cutting machine, therefore every piece is uniquely original and personal to you.  There will never be another exactly the same! 

An original paper cut would make a perfect gift for any special occasion for a loved one such as a wedding gift, a christening, a birthday, or Christmas present, or even an anniversary. (The first wedding anniversary gift is paper!).

If you would like to commission me for an original papercut design please do get in touch. I am more than willing to create something from your own specifications. I would love to hear from you!